Seedbeds of Transformation

The Role of Science with Society and the SDGs in Africa


9 to 11 May 2018  • Port Elizabeth, South Africa

#sustainability @futureearth
The Seedbeds of Transformation conference provides a collaborative, transdisciplinary space for people with diverse perspectives to explore transformations and the SDGs in Africa. The meeting will draw on a wide range of knowledge and regional contexts to identify appropriate pathways for achieving these goals in Africa. Designed around the concept of an innovation marketplace, this three-day conference will bring together innovators from research, government, industry, NGOs, the media and more.

Understanding Trajectories of Change

What do we know about trends and future trajectories that can inform progress toward a more sustainable future?

Traversing Critical Challenges

What key tradeoffs and barriers need to be understood and navigated in pursuing transformational change?

Creating Momentum

What knowledge and innovations can Africa build from to achieve more equitable and sustainable change? How can African perspectives and priorities better inform global efforts towards a more sustainable future?

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